Outpatient & Consultation Appointments 

When scheduling your outpatient appointment, we encourage you to review the information available on our website. This includes details about our fees and the legal requirements we adhere to. It's important to note that, whether you have private insurance or a third party is settling your bill, the responsibility for any unpaid charges ultimately rests with you. We recommend that anyone involved in the payment process examine this section to be fully informed. 
Outpatient appointments are typically £200 with follow up appointments charged at £120. After your consultation, should you require further diagnostic tests like blood work or imaging (X-rays, MRI, CT scans), please be aware that these will be billed separately by the facility providing the service. We will inform you of any fees associated with tests we recommend before they are conducted. 

Sports Injury Clinics 

At Rehab and Recover the injections are priced as follows: Steroid £150, Hyaluronic acid £200, PRP £850, APS nStride £1400 

Private Medical Insurance 

For those with private medical insurance, it's essential to verify your coverage before your consultation. Check with your insurer about the specifics of your outpatient cover, such as the extent of cover and any limits on fees for individual consultations. Some of the insurance companies we work with are listed below. 
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