Ankle & Lower Limb Procedures 

Injuries to your ankle or foot can significantly disrupt your daily life by limiting your mobility. Quick and accurate diagnosis, along with prompt treatment, are crucial for both your physical health and emotional well-being. Our specialist consultants are here to guide you through your recovery process, ensuring you receive the care you need to get back on your feet. 

Ankle Arthroscopy 

Ankle impingement can cause significant ongoing pain on activity. Where appropriate, Mr Edwards may undertake arthroscopic debridement of impinging tissues including the synovium or anterior bone. If cartilage injury is present to the tibia or the talus, this can be treated by debridement, microfracture or semi-synthetic cartilage graft placement. 

Ankle Lateral Ligament Repair 

When the ATFL is significantly injured and dysfunctional, the person’s ankle can be unstable resulting in repeated sprain injuries. A repair of the ligament structure may be required where the ankle is arthroscoped first to remove any synovitis in the lateral gutter before an incision is made over the region of the ligament in order to directly repair it using the Brostrum technique with augmentation using the “Internal Brace” ® from Arthrex. 

Ankle Ligament Injury 

Having an ankle sprain is very common. Sometimes however there is a complete rupture or recurrent instability of the ankle ligaments. This can be accompanied by ankle internal derangement. Mr Edwards may arthroscope your ankle and then proceed to repair the lateral ligament that is most commonly injured. If a sports person has an acute syndesmotic injury, Mr Edwards usually refers on to a colleague in York for further assessment and treatment. 
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