nSTRIDE APS Injections 

Once OA pain starts it is hard to stop. nSTRIDE APS is a ground breaking autologous (from your own body) therapy designed to treat pain and slow the progression of cartilage degradation and destruction in the knee. nSTRIDE APS processes your own blood to provide a true novel output. The unique output is injected directly into the knee joint distributing beneficial and good proteins. In laboratory testing, these “good” proteins block and slow the degradation of cartilage treating the underlying cause of OA knee pain, unlike traditional therapies. Studies suggest one injection will last around 12 months. 

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy 

PRP therapy has been offered by Mr Edwards since 2011 with predominantly positive results. Its use was initially restricted to soft tissue conditions such as tendinopathy. However, since 2010 more evidence has been published showing it can be effective at reducing pain and improving function in clients with osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee. There are also limited studies showing its efficacy for hip OA. There are several reasons why osteoarthritis patients might consider platelet-rich plasma injections: 
It is autologous – meaning it comes from the client’s own blood. 
There are very few risks in its use. 
A single injection may give positive results in terms of function and pain control for up to 1 year. 
The alternative treatments include physical therapy, weight loss, cortisone or viscosuppliment injections, anti-inflammatory drugs and eventually joint replacement. 
PRP injection is available as an outpatient in Edwards Orthopaedics Flex-Health Clinic, or as an inpatient at Spire Hull or on a waiting list at Goole Hospital (NLAG Trust). 

Viscosuppliment Injections 

Viscosupplement injection can supplement the fluid in your knee to help lubricate and cushion the joint and relieve pain often lasting for 6 months. There are a number of very positive meta-analyses and research studies that show the efficacy of HA injections. In a recently (2015) published European (ESCEO) consensus statement on the management of osteoarthritis, on discussing Hyaluronic acid injection they say “Viscosupplementation with intra-articular (IA) hyaluronic acid (HA) is an effective treatment for knee OA with beneficial effects on pain, function, and patient global assessment. There is good evidence for the effectiveness of HA from RCTs, with a high effect size of 0.63 when compared with oral placebo, found in a recent network meta-analysis. IA HA was the most efficacious treatment for pain among all OA interventions.” 
In addition the American Medical Society for Sport Medicine recommends the use of HA for the appropriate patients with knee OA. However, NICE guidance (CG177) recommends against the routine use of these agents since there is no compelling evidence of their efficacy. Mr Edwards, after reviewing the evidence, considers it reasonable to offer this injection on an individual basis after discussion of the chances of improvement and based on the available evidence both published and in his own experience. 

Steroid Injections 

Corticosteroids have marked anti-inflammatory effects, and it is assumed that their analgesic action in osteoarthritis is in some way related to their anti-inflammatory properties. Evidence of their effectiveness is not consistent. However it remains a reasonable consideration in patients with arthritis when surgery is not indicated. 

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