Your hips are central to your body's mobility and when they're in pain, it can affect every step you take. 

Dealing with hip discomfort, stiffness, or reduced movement can be daunting, but understanding and treating hip conditions is what we excel at. We'll help pinpoint the cause of your hip issues and provide a range of treatment options to enhance your life's quality. Whether it's managing wear-and-tear or treating injuries, our dedicated care is designed to get you back to enjoying everyday activities with ease and comfort. 

Hip Arthroplasty - Total Hip Replacement 

Having a painful, stiff and arthritic hip can be very debilitating. In suitable clients a hip replacement can be undertaken. This procedure removes the arthritic head of the femur and corresponding surface of the acetabulum (the ball and socket). These are then replaced by a stemmed femoral implant with a ball head and a cupped acetabular implant. The types of fixation vary between uncemented to cemented fixation techniques. Mr. Edwards utilises the proven technology behind the uncemented Corail® femoral stem and the Pinnacle® acetabular cup with suitable bearing surfaces including ceramic bearing, ceramic on polyethylene and metal on polyethylene. 

Trochanteric Pain - Injections & Surgery 

Many people suffer from lateral thigh pain over the prominence of the hip. This is usually due to mechanical irritation of the tensor fascia lata resulting in inflammation of the trochanteric bursa and a tight, poorly functioning tensor facia lata and ileotibial band. Treatments are most commonly undertaken by a physiotherapist. If this fails to achieve resolution of pain then PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injection may be used, although there is little evidence of its efficacy in trochanteric pain syndrome. If these modalities fail, surgery may be indicated to decompress the trochanteric area by excising the bursa, removing a small portion of the lateral prominence of the trochanter, lengthening the fascia lata and repairing as necessary the gluteus medius muscle attachment. 

Arthritic Hip & Hip Pain Injections 

If you suffer from early arthritis of the hip there are a number of options you may be offered. These include exercise therapies, gait improvement with the podiatrist, intra-articular injections and in patients under the age of 45 years, hip preservation arthroscopic surgery. For moderate arthritis of the hip where hip replacement is not yet required, a steroid injection into the hip may be a useful temporary pain relieving measure. This injection is given under image guidance since the hip joint is a deep and not an easily accessed joint. 
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